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Executive and Leadership Development Coach
Career Counselor


Your success begins here!

In my own words...

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My Clients

  • New leaders (including entrepreneurs leading a start-up) who have significant expertise in their field, but have little experience leading a team

  • Leaders who are facing organization-wide challenges (restructuring, budget cuts, new executive team, negative publicity, etc.) or challenges within their own team (poor performance, low morale, high turnover, difficult personalities etc.)

  • Leaders who simply want to make some dedicated time to explore potential blindspots in their own leadership skills and build on their strengths

  • Mid-career professionals who like their chosen profession and want to take their career to the next level, perhaps positioning themselves for a leadership role either in their current organization or in a new one

  • Mid-career professionals who want to advance in their current occupation and/or make a significant pivot - either in industry or job field or both

  • Fresh graduates looking to enter the working world for the first time

  • Early-career professionals who want to develop skills and experience to position themselves on a clear path to success, with the appropriate education, training, and jobs along the way

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